Concierge Services

We have our book Timeshare Tips & Tricks where we show you how to trade with an ~97% success rate as well as get the sold out reservations in your developers system. However not everyone wants to do it on their own so we now have a concierge service where we can do the trades for you provided you give us adequate time.

Many people have problems getting the trades they want at the times they want as they go online and try to search for exchanges. This is the absolute worse way to do it and the process needs to be done in a certain way. With our services we take all of the guess work out of making an exchange and handle the entire process for you.

All you need to do is tell us where you own at and where you want to go and we will handle the rest!

Exchanging is costly enough with fee’s increasing yearly at Interval and RCI as well as upgrade fees so it is important you get the most bang for your buck when you want to use it.

With our services you will get the following:
  • Get any resort you want at anytime with ~ 97% success rate* (Must own a strong enough week)

  • If you own a lock-off unit we can get you 2 weeks out of 1 in bigger size units for both sides. Turn your 2bd lock off into 2 weeks in a 2bd or larger instead of a 1bd and studio

  • Get weeks back to back with ease

  • Get the most sought after exchanges such as New Years in New York City, Vail CO over Christmas, Orlando for 4th of July, Aruba in the Winter, and any other trip you can think of!

  • Get maximum value out of your ownership. Imagine taking your 1bd in Orlando at a small developer and trading it to a 2bd at the Marriott in Hawaii! Your $800 maintenance fee weeks turns into a $7k + week and a trip of a lifetime!

Most people think trading doesn't work and that you can never get what you want. They are absolutely right unless you are doing it the correct way. Many owners believe just because they own a Red Week in Branson MO they can trade to a Red Week in Hawaii but nothing could be further from the truth if you do it incorrectly. 

The small extra cost you pay us is nothing compared to the Value you get having gotten a proper exchange.

Imagine exchanging to a 1bd at the Hilton W 57th St in New York for New Years! That week would retail for ~$4k-$8k+ and you could get it with your week in Orlando potentially! Now that makes your timeshare a great deal.

Imagine skiing in Lake Tahoe in February when the snow is the best and the prices are outrageous at the Marriott Timber Lodge at ~$500-$1k+ per night. By using your unit correctly you can get trades such as this.



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