Vacation Club

We are huge fans of timeshares if you use them properly and get value out of them, but there are other options out there that work just as well depending upon your usage. We highly recommend the following timeshare programs if you are to own one with the following companies:

If you do want to own a timeshare program these are your best options and in almost all cases you are better off buying them off the secondary market for 30-60% off of the retail cost from a previous owner. Almost half of the cost of a timeshare is the sales and marketing cost so by purchasing it from another owner you eliminate many of those costs. There are some limitations on buying it this way from the developer, but the few perks you miss out on typically aren’t worth the additional retail cost. 

Some of these developers have programs where they can sell you at a discounted rate as well with some extra perks they can throw in so make sure and ask them if you are going to purchase them directly from the developer.

Vacation Club

Another option we offer people is the ability to join a vacation club thereby getting a majority of the same benefits of timeshare ownership without the huge upfront cost. For a relatively small amount comparatively to buying a timeshare you can get all the same benefits and through our relationship with the club you can purchase it directly through us at an over 60% discount.

Instead of buying another timeshare or upgrading your current program we invite you to look at a vacation club instead. This doesn’t work in every instance especially if you are particular to one specific brand like a Marriott or Hilton but if you are flexible in where you want to stay and you just want to stay in high-quality properties for deeply discounted prices then we think you should consider this option.

With a vacation club you can get the following benefits:

  • Access to almost all of the timeshares in the RCI & Interval International system

  • Condo Getaways -Pay as you use it with discounted rates of $199-$799 per week

  • Access to Premium resorts starting at $400 per week that are typically 10-70% off the retail cost at major brands such as Marriott, Disney, Hilton, and more.

  • Staycation Getaways and Hotels

  • Lowest Price Guarantee on Cruises, Airlines, Hotels and more!

  • Fantasy Getaways- Get the dream trip of a lifetime! Cruises, land packages, all-inclusive, international destinations, luxury trips, bed & breakfast getaways and more!

  • Exotic Destinations and Tours

  • Worldwide Vacations

  • Allow up to 4 friends or family members to access all of the same benefits

  • Make bookings by phone or online it is your choice!