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Timeshare Rental Services

We are here to take the hassle and stress out of renting your unused Timeshare Points! We deal with most all of the major developers and can help you monetize your points easily.

Step 1: Take a picture or screenshot of your account that shows the number of points you have and your name.

We currently worked with:

Our current Price per point is as follows:

Worldmark by Wyndham
Holiday Inn
Lawrence Welk
Diamond Resorts
Grand Colorado
Ritz Carlton
Price per point 2021
$15 - $16
Price Per Point 2022
$15.50 - $16.50

Price Per Point 2023

Step 2: Email the picture to and we will send you out the appropriate contract per your developer.

Step 3: You sign the contract electronically and we put you on our list! Thats it!

You will put your website login details on your contract IF your points are not transferable which is most all companies except for Marriott and Worldmark have a limited transfer program.

Even points from Marriott are only transferable if they are your current years points any other type such as banked, Promo, holding, or restricted are not.

Step 4: When your name comes up on our list in days or weeks we will notify you via email that we have started to use your account and your payment will go out on the next pay cycle. (Payments go out every other Monday)

Process Complete!

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Timeshare Simplified YouTube Channel

Learn how to trade successfully, get hard to get reservations, rent, sell, take tax benefits and more!

About The Author

After being in the Timeshare industry for the last 20 years Tony has met and listened to thousands of owners giving him insight to the most common challenges they face. He has synthesized the most important information and provided quick and easy systems that anyone can do.

The goal of the book is to get you maximum value out of your timeshare so within 5 years you have gotten all of your money out of your purchase. He will teach you how to get multiple weeks out of your one week, get sold out times with your points, Trade through II & RCI with a ~97% success rate, how to rent out your time, how to sell it and much more.

He teaches you the most important information they should of taught you when you bought your timeshare originally. You can finally get maximum use and value out of your purchase.

Timeshare Tips & Tricks

How to stay at 5 star resorts for pennies on the dollar,

Trade your timeshare and what to do if you don't need it any longer.

Book Highlights

  • How to get the trades you want through RCI and Interval International

  • How to rent out your timeshare

  • How to get reservations that show unavailable through your developer  when you try to book and it shows unavailable (How to get major holidays and events)

  • Different ways to offset your maintenance costs

  • How and where to go to sell your timeshare without getting scammed

  • Plus more! 

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

We help timeshare club owners with the most challenging issues they have such as:

  • Many owners find trading through II and RCI about as possible as the government to stop spending money. ( We can show you how to trade with a ~ 97% success rate!)

  • We can either give you strategies to rent out your own timeshare or we can do it for you.

  • If you want to buy more ownership where should you get it from? ( An 8 hr timeshare presentation or online?)

  • Many owners do not know what to do when there is no availability at the resorts they want to go to in their system.
    (Example: Whenever I want to go skiing all of the resorts are booked even when I try 6 months out) Learn the secret that can get you almost any booking! 

Timeshare Rental Services

We monetize your unused timeshare points

Replace or add to your timeshare program with no maintenance fees at all while staying at the same places

Helping you to trade with a ~97% + success rate and more

Refer a friend and earn a reward!

If you refer a friend and they make a booking on our website, you will receive your choice of a 3 night / 4 day vacation at our hotel partners or the option for discount guidebook usable in over 55,000 restaurants.

If you refer at least 3 friends, you can choose one of those two gifts above as well as 15% off the nightly rate of any of our Marriott properties if you book within 60 days of check-in.


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We found the information in the book to be invaluable and feel it was the best $20 ever spent.

Kevin Sullivan

It’s imperative for the reader to understand that The author knows how to cut through all of the fluff and shows you in detail how to monetize your investment

D.J. Petrone

This book will help you make the most of your timeshare and understand how to get great trades.

Ginger Anderson

If you are interested in timeshare ownership or just want to learn more about using what you already own, this book should prove a useful handbook for you.

Mary Montague Sikes